Moon Killim

We are  following our interests producing kilim our regions main handicraft with high quality & standards .After graduating  started researching & training and using experts we constructed our workshop, we do the Designing and also Dye the yarns with natural dyes  well we love our earth don’t want to harm the environment ,after our yarns are ready we give them to our well experienced weavers and they elegantly make our Kilims for us.
We are located in Sirjan a historical city in Kerman province with 4 century kilim and rug weaving background,Sirjan is well known for it’s kilim and in 2017 was honored to receive the designation as “WCC-World craft city for kilim” by world crafts council AISBL ,we were mentioned in the designation as new impressive workshop established by young gradutes after they visited our workshop.



We even grow dyes

We dye our yarns with Natural dyes which some of them are grown in our workshop garden as the picture show our Madder plant we want it all GREEN ,we dye them the old fashion way in copper pots on fire,for each series we dye the yarns we want our kilims to be unique have it artistic touch.

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